Friday, April 13, 2007

An Obsession

Perfumes, essentially, are marketed for a single purpose - to give a person's body a distinct and pleasant smell. It is made up of a mixture of fragrant oils, aroma compounds, solvents, natural chemicals — the actual formula is rarely revealed, and even if the manufacturer does, the chemical procedures are kept secret. Nonetheless, there are some people who can expertly identify the smell, similar to a wine taste expert. I am not such a connoisseur, and I am not one of those who collects perfume. I usually use only 2 perfumes — my current preferences are Ralph Lauren Polo Sport and Armani Code. My obsession with perfume is with the stories behind it — the bottle design, the meaning of the name, the inventor, and other amusing facts and trivia about it. As the blog headline says "There is more to perfumes than just its smell". There will be no review about a certain perfume in here (you can find that in other websites such as Amazon). Instead, I will be posting bits and pieces of interesting stories, news, and facts related to perfumery. Additionally, I will post the perfume ads that I have scanned and collected through the years.

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