Monday, April 23, 2007


As the fragrance industry and the variety of perfume keeps growing through the centuries, there were also the development of stunning and beautiful flacons (perfume bottles). These irresistible little works of art are often what the collectors are after (not the fragrance), as they not only serve as a beautiful display, but they also tell a lot about the era in which they are made.

Glass manufacturer Baccarat has supplied the bottles for many of the luxury perfumes of the last century. Established in 1765 in France, the company managed to attract the attention of Parisian perfume houses, such as Guerlain and Pinaud. Their bottles were influenced by varied styles - from Art Nouveau in early 1900's to Art Deco in 1920s and to Surrealist in 1930's.

Today, Baccarat bottles are widely sought after by serious collectors and are auctioned for incredible prices.

"Le Secret de Dieux," a BACCARAT perfume bottle for Yardley, circa 1913:

"Toujours Fidele," a BACCARAT perfume bottle for D'Orsay, circa 1912:

Elizabeth Arden "Cyclamen" Baccarat perfume bottle circa 1938:

"Ming Toy," a figural BACCARAT perfume bottle for Forest, circa 1923:

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