Saturday, April 21, 2007

Celebrity Scent - #4 Donald Trump

In between managing his businesses, writing books and firing wanna-be apprentices, Donald Trump also market his own fragrance. Launched in 2004 in collaboration with Aramis (Estée Lauder Companies), the eau de toilette named "Donald Trump: The Fragrance" is advertised to embody the confidence, success and character of the real estate billionaire. The masculine scent is composed of top notes of citrus, cucumber and herbs, heart notes combines pepper and exotic sap, and base of woody, earthy and herbaceous drydown. The bottle is designed like a magnificent New York City luxury skyscraper similar to one of Trump's architectural assets. During its launch, there were a lot of skeptics and criticism regarding Trump's deal to have his own fragrance. Branding fragrance has always been dominated by moviestars, athletes, models and singers, usually young and glamorous. Although rich and popular, people doubted if consumers would buy a perfume marketed with Trump's name. After all, there seems to be no correlation between one's smell and making money.

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